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Verify, Upload and Rock your NFT's

Digital Necklace

Verify and Upload your favorite NFT on to your digital necklace

Verify your NFT ownership on our platform

Our software checks for wallet signature to confirm ownership

Upload your NFT

Our software connects to the NFT digital necklace and uploads the NFT wirelessly

Switch to a different NFT

Easily delete/change to a new NFT using our software

Digital Bracelet

Verify and Upload your favorite NFT on to your digital bracelet

Looks Great!
Easy to Use
Easy to wear

Digital Dongle for T-shirts

Verify NFT
Plug your dongle on to any T-shirt

Simple, transparent pricing.

Digital NFT Bracelet

$1200.03 ETH
  • Looks Great
  • Easy to Use
  • Size Adjustable & Unisex
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Digital NFT Necklace

$1490.04 ETH
  • Looks Great
  • Modern
  • Unisex
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Digital NFT Dongle

$1790.05 ETH
  • Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • Attachable to any T-shirt
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New Fashion Statement

See what happy customers say about us

Love the bracelet! Pretty much walk around with my NFT's everywhere!

Ron Signle - NFT Artist

Super Easy to use and feels great on my skin! I can finally show off my NFT's!

Cijo - Lead designer at Design Firm

I love going out to parties with my NFT digital dongles!

Benjamin - Night Club Owner


What if I loose my NFT digital dongle?

No problem, you can always buy a new one and cancel the old NFT upload.

Can I upload any NFT ?

You can only upload NFT's that you own. We support ETH and SOL chains

Is my Digital Dongle water proof?

Yes, the digital dongle is water proof up to 30meters.

Are my NFT's safe?

Your NFT's are 100% safe and secure!

What is the return policy?

Free 14 day return policy

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